Top Stock Analyzer is a service of Fortunatus Advisors, Inc. a leading alternative investment research and strategy firm located in Tampa, Florida U.S.A. and AIQ Systems LLC.

The firm utilizes both fundamental and technical analysis in the development of strategies and investment models. The majority of our clients are investment advisors and independent brokers.

The firm was founded by Mr. Richard Chehovin, a seasoned professional with over thirty-five years of experience in the financial services industry. Mr. Chehovin has held numerous positions at prominent firms throughout his career. These positions include sales, research analyst, portfolio manager, Managing Director, Regional Vice President, Senior Vice President and President. He has worked for firms such as Equitec Financial Group, Siebel Capital Management, Zacks Investment Research and co-founded Meridian Investment Management (now Icon Advisers).

It is our belief alternative investment strategies and models are key contributors to the performance of any portfolio. Our strategies and models are designed to add Alpha as well as real quantifiable performance to any portfolio. Many of these strategies and models are designed to capture unique nuances in difficult market environments.