Sample Newsletter – Monday November 21, 2016

Sample Newsletter – Monday January 30, 2017


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Weekly Market Commentary

Our overview of the market action and a view on upcoming earnings and influences for the coming week’s market.




Featured Stock each week

From the top candidates each week, we pick one stock to feature, with in depth analysis, commentary, and technical chart with indicators.

We only monitor a defined list of stocks institutional investors watch and invest in, eliminating low priced / low quality stocks. Our screening and analysis techniques are designed to lower drawdowns and improve portfolio performance over time.




Market Capitalization Ranking

Market Capitalization Ranking helps investors focus on which market cap segments are exhibiting top performance characteristics. The ranking is calculated using market cap performance, relative strength and the concentration of stocks in each market cap sector over the past four weeks. As a best practice over time, it is wise to invest the majority of your capital in the top two or three market cap sectors.




Shortlist of prime candidates for longs and shorts

Long and short candidates depending on market direction. Our short list includes breakdown by market capitalization and supporting earnings and FATI® Score data. PLUS you’ll get Our EPS report alert close to earnings season and our highlighted Favored Stocks.


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